What makes a champion?

What makes a champion and what can they teach us?

I spent last night watching the final round of the US Open. Gary Woodland won his first Golf Major and he was simply magnificent. As a keen golfer myself, It got me thinking. What makes a champion and above all, can we learn anything from Gary Woodland’s triumph to improve our own mental health?

What makes a Golf Champion?

As someone who struggles to control my own emotions, I found it fascinating watching a young golfer so in control of his environment. Focused on nothing but the next shot. Gary must have dreamed of winning the US Open from being a small boy. When the chips were down he stayed calmest f all and knocked in a 18ft put to win by 3 shots.

What makes a champion golfer
2019 US Open Champion – Gary Woodland

He controlled his thoughts impeccably during the final day. Never once giving in to emotion or self-doubt. At that moment in time he was truly in control of his body and mind. It occurred to me this morning that if we could master those thought processes on a day to day basis it could help reduce some of the symtoms of poor mental health.

  • Determination
  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Self Belief
  • Living in the moment