Avoid negative people

What I am about to say seems really obvious, however so many of us do not apply it to our lives so it needs saying out loud. Avoid negative people for a happier life!

Avoiding negative people – the 3 main types

Mr. Negative

Mr. Negative seems to have a problem for every solution and loves to drain enthusiasm from any new idea. When a window of opportunity opens, he’ll pull down the shade. He will take your energy and slow your momentum. You don’t want this person on any project at work and don’t waste any time socializing with them.

The Critic

Critics are known for finding something derogatory to say about anyone and everyone. The Critic is famous for trading confidential or negative information about others. Critics use gossip to bond with and control small-minded people. Make sure you’re never tempted to engage in their mischief as everyone is fair game, including you.

Critics are threatened by talented motivated people. The greater the talent, the louder their criticism. Their aim is to draw the spotlight away from their own unimpressive nature.

Avoid negative people and never let anyone who has achieved nothing tell you how to do anything.

Forever The Victim

Never able to accept personal responsibility, life seems chronically unfair to Victims. My boss doesn’t like me, so I never had a chance of the promotion. The exam questions were worded badly. The world is always against a Victim, and they wonder why they only have bad luck. They haven’t figured out yet that hard work puts you in a place where good luck can find you, and they are famous for putting in little effort. You’ll recognize a Victim by their continuous excuses.

You can’t expect to hang around with negative people and expect to live a happy life. It just doesn’t work that way. Once we understand this we can start searching for positive influences that improve our emotional well being promoting a happier,  more fulfilled life.

Surround yourself with people who dream bigger than you do. They passionately improve everything in their path, from processes and products to colleagues and employees. They believe anything is possible, and they’ll believe in you.

Remember we can’t always change the people or circumstances in our lives, but we can always change our response. Excellence is not a skill,  it is choice, and positive thinking breeds courageous habits.

Whenever you have the opportunity, try to be encouraging and motivate others. You will soon feel the difference in how it feels and like a drug it becomes addictive.







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