For a happier life, change your Blueprint.

Blueprint for a happier life

For a happier life, change your blueprint

Wouldn’t your life be easier if you could simply change your state of mind when you’re feeling depressed?  Wouldnt that lead to a happier life?

To actively change your state of mind it’s important to first understand why your current life isn’t working!
We all have a life plan! A blueprint of what our life should be like. Problems manifest when our life doesn’t meet that blueprint.
Our blueprints are as individual as we are! For one person it could be, I want a fantastic body, for another it may be a perfect relationship. Whatever your blueprint contains, one thing remains the same, if we don’t meet our life blueprint our lives suffer as a result.

Make a life change for a happier life

Well the good news is we are all responsible for deciding what our blueprint is. Once we realise that this is the problem, we can change it to a more realistic blueprint that may be reached more easily.
By setting shorter term goals we keep growing as individuals. When you are completing goals on a regular basis and meeting your LIFE’s BLUEPRINT you begin to grow and through self-growth we can banish depression forever.?