Change the way you feel in ten minutes

Change the way you feel in ten minutes

What if I told you that you can change the way you feel in ten minutes? Most people say that they want to be happy above anything else. However most people do not have a clue how attain happiness in their lives. We become pre-programmed with automatic or negative thoughts over time, which subsequently make us pissed off or stressed out.

Automatic thoughts create a highway to depression which takes over our lives. When we are used to feeling sad as the norm, depressive thoughts become the automatic choice when feelings are involved. In other words it makes our lives unbearable.

So how do we change the way we feel in ten minutes?

Not only can you change the way you feel in ten minutes. Furthermore you will start to feel far less depressed and more in control of your life. It’s simply not enough to hope you feel good every day. You need a priming plan to make it happen.

Prime your day for the best results.

What does priming your life involve? Well it’s all about putting an action plan in place at the beginning of the day. This action plan should be undertaken EVERY morning so your day starts off in the right way.

Wire yourself for sucess every day.

1. Start the day with music. Put your favorite upbeat song on for 3 minutes and rapidly change your breathing during this stage.

A change in your breathing promotes a change in your current state and leaves you ready for steps two and three. Think about being grateful for everything that has happened to you both good and bad.

Even the worst events that have happened to you have brought you to this point in your life. Own your story and use the energy this creates in a positive way. Feel empowered to take on the rest of the day.

2. Think about your main life goals for 3 minutes. What do I want to achieve long term? These will be the same most days but really focus on your OUTCOME and what achieving this goal will do for your wellbeing.

3. For the final four minutes think about 3 things that you can do today to get you closer to your goal and make all three happen today.

By empolying this easy 10 minute workout for your brain you will soon be achieving all your dailey goals. This promotes momentum in your life and from there you can take on the world

For a happier life, change your Blueprint.

Blueprint for a happier life

For a happier life, change your blueprint

Wouldn’t your life be easier if you could simply change your state of mind when you’re feeling depressed?  Wouldnt that lead to a happier life?

To actively change your state of mind it’s important to first understand why your current life isn’t working!
We all have a life plan! A blueprint of what our life should be like. Problems manifest when our life doesn’t meet that blueprint.
Our blueprints are as individual as we are! For one person it could be, I want a fantastic body, for another it may be a perfect relationship. Whatever your blueprint contains, one thing remains the same, if we don’t meet our life blueprint our lives suffer as a result.

Make a life change for a happier life

Well the good news is we are all responsible for deciding what our blueprint is. Once we realise that this is the problem, we can change it to a more realistic blueprint that may be reached more easily.
By setting shorter term goals we keep growing as individuals. When you are completing goals on a regular basis and meeting your LIFE’s BLUEPRINT you begin to grow and through self-growth we can banish depression forever.?